CHEMLAND comprehensive laboratory supplies: glassware and laboratory equipment general use

CHEMLAND comprehensive laboratory supply: glassware and general purpose laboratory equipment 01
CHEMLAND comprehensive laboratory supply: glassware and general purpose laboratory equipment 02

The Chemland Zbigniew Technical and Trade Company Bartczak specializes in the comprehensive supply of laboratories with special emphasis on glass and general purpose laboratory equipment:
● incubators, incubators, furnaces
● pumps, filtration sets
● jackets, heating benches and blocks
● heating plates
● measuring devices
● dryers
● centrifuges
● vacuum evaporators
● shakers
Activities our laboratory equipment has been appreciated by many suppliers who they entrusted us with representing them in Poland. Belong to them :

Vitlab - Germany
Deutsch & Neumann - Germany - Kartell - Italy
Our goods come from outside the EU European. Our company is represented exclusively in Poland the company GLASSCO LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. (India) that specializes in the production of laboratory glass, especially measuring glass class A, meeting DIN, ISO, ASTM and USP standards.

Chemland Chemland Chemland Chemland

The unquestionable advantage of our company are large localized warehouses at the company's headquarters and the investment of the construction of another one completed in 2013 a warehouse with an area of ≈ 1,200 m² located in Barzkowice.

Goods available for you are stored on a total area of 3200 m² within 48 from the moment of placing the order, which we deliver to everyone the indicated address via a courier company. Improving sales techniques and constantly working on customer satisfaction, our company made available assortment for sale through the online store. Great advantage of our store is the fact that the visible inventory levels in it are a reflection the amount of goods stored in warehouses. The concept of low, medium and small states it did not satisfy us as it did not specify the actual quantities of goods available to the customer We encourage you to use the above-mentioned forms of purchases

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